Education For Architecture And Engineering(II)

02 Jan

As the world’s first five-star hotel built in the ruins of the crater, the underground hotel not only creates the record of the lowest five-star hotel around the world, but also its development concept of “pouring the sky” will become a revolutionary architectural design. At the same time the underground hotel was designed by the architect who also created Burj Al Ara of Dubai.The project took nearly 10 years and involved about 5,000 architects, engineers, designers and construction workers. The building such this hotel on the pit walls 88 meters below the ground has met many construction challenges. For example, transportation of building materials, drainage, prevention of natural disasters, convenient tourist’s entry and exit and so on. Based on these issues and challenges of architecture, this requires innovative engineering solutions like the construction of elevator systems with irregular sections, to solve the problem of installing elevators on irregular inclined cliff and rock

The hotel is also a wonderland and wonderful building that offers unique underground views. In addition each of the 336 rooms has a balcony with a view of a waterfall rising from the wall of the quarry. Expect this is the hotel, the underground hotel is also absolute landscape for every tourists. Till now, the hotel has been fully booked already on the opening day.schedule 10 galvanized steel pipe 


According to this real case of underground hotel in China, we may know the education of architectural engineering is important to help us to develop the countries with tidy and planning methods. At the same time, education of architectural engineering will help us to find decent job just like the architect who also created Burj Al Ara of Dubai. So the good suggestion to every students enrolled in architectural engineering is that struggling to learn and enhancing own ability and professional here

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