Technology is the Means, Education is the Essence(II)

26 Dec

The cultivation of thinking style is an important direction of the education industry

The concept of "teaching students in accordance with their aptitudes" has long been raised. Many of today's designs, including the design of classrooms and the design of courses, including the combination of technology and education, or the emphasis on how to produce standardized things on a large scale, are not the most important pursuits of this era. Many people say that personalized education sounds good, but it is difficult to achieve in a test-oriented environment. I don't think there is any contradiction at all. Our understanding of the learning model is very simple. Each student has a starting point and a personalized path. The basis of learning is knowledge. Whether it is the emotional attitudes and values or the powerful abilities and skills, it is based on knowledge. In addition to the knowledge and abilities of these disciplines, what’s more important is the interdisciplinary ability or the way of thinking.stainless steel pipes 

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