What is Main Structure(II)

27 Dec

Main structure should be divided into three parts normally. The first, the main structure itself forms an organic whole system, effectively coordinating the work, bearing the load transmitted by the main structural components themselves, and fully exerting the main frame supporting function. Secondly, all maintenance structures, decorative surfaces, weight of related equipment and live loads during construction and use, as well as natural forces such as wind, dust, snow and earthquake loads within the limits of design codes, which are attached to the surface of the system, are effectively borne by the main structure system, so that the construction project can play a normal role. The third, it connects with foundation reliably and transfers its load and bearing load systematically, effectively and stably to structure system of ground work.stainless steel pipes


About main structure of construction project, we main understand it as below,

In brick-concrete structure, the main structure is the foundation, in meantime the beam, ring beam, the column, the structural column, the wall, the staircase, the board and the roof panel are called the main structure. We usually call the seal-roof of main body during construction.

In frame structure, shear wall structure, frame shear structure or frame supported structure engineering, the main structure is the foundation, in which beams, slabs, columns, concrete walls, staircases aiming to the backfill wall are also called the main part, but not the general theory of the main roof.

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