You Need Aerobic Exercise If You Want to Lose Wight(II)

01 Jan

Without the aerobics of muscle strength training, if you slim down, your skin will be loose. In addition, only do aerobic and consume our fat, the muscles will be decomposed and lost. If the proportion of muscles is small, the body shape is not good, the overall effect of weight loss will be greatly reduced. If you want to get a good body, you should do aerobic and strength training, combined with the first strength after aerobic. In this way, you can get a more perfect body. There is also the effect that if you only exercise and do not control your diet, the effect is not obvious. Every day after hard work and sweating, but the effect is not obvious, most of them are not well controlled your diet. Maybe you feel that I have to pay so much sweat. If you lose weight like this, the effect is definitely not good. During weight loss, you need to control the heat, control your mouth, and open your legs. click If your calorie intake is high relative to your body's calories, how can you lose fat, but not strengthen muscle? Be sure to pay attention to diet.

If you only do the aerobic exercise, it is like eat single diet everyday, you body lack some kinds of vitamin, and the same as exercise, losing weight needs different kinds of exercises, too.

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